Meeting Thursday on F.E. Walter Dam

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are reviewing the operations of the F.E. Walter Dam in a three-year study and are holding a public meeting about the study on Jan 9, 2020 in White Haven, PA
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Complex computer modeling assesses Delaware River health
Third in a series: dissolved oxygen and the Atlantic sturgeon

Because the Delaware River is so much cleaner, the Atlantic sturgeon, an endangered species, has returned. Sometimes, in some areas of the river, there's not enough oxygen for their young to thrive. The Delaware River Basin Commission is working on a model to see what's needed to support those young fish.
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DRBC listens to long list of problems with PennEast and many demands to shut down its application

Lots of people and organizations spoke out against the PennEast Pipeline at the Dec. 11, 2019 meeting of rthe Delaware River Basin Commission.
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From the set of the live TV panel discussion of climate change

From the set of the live TV panel discussion of climate change produced by the students of Montclair State University's School of Communication and Media. Meg McGuire (yours truly) in the center, flanked on the left by Timothy Hall, NASA senior scientist, and on the right by Louis Biondolillo, the student host of Focus: Climate. PHOTO COURTESY OF MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY
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DRBC intensifies its focus on climate change

How will climate change affect the Delaware River Basin? That's the question that the Delaware River Basin Commission wants to answer.
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ALL the watershed folks were in Allentown, PA to talk about ALL the watershed issues (there are lots of them!!)
But the work continues!

The Coalition for the Delaware Watershed held its annual conference in Allentown Oct.,16 and 17th. Here are all the tweets that Delaware Currents sent out gathered together!!
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So what’s happening in the upper, upper Delaware? (A lot)

At the Friends of the Upper Delaware's Water, Water Everywhere conference, collaboration was the star of the show. Here are all the tweets from Delaware Currents from the conference.
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U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado promises support for a Delaware River Congressional caucus
Delaware Currents exclusive

U.S. Rep. Antonio Delgado (D-19) at a recent press conference in Deposit, N.Y. held to celebrate $1.2 million federal dollars coming to the Upper Delawre River. PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE
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Wastewater treatment plants: problem and solution for a healthier Delaware River
Second in a series: dissolved oxygen and the Atlantic sturgeon

Just like us, fish need oxygen to breath, though they get their oxygen from the water they swim in. The Atlantic sturgeon is an endangered species that has returned to the cleaner Delaware River but their future is threatened because sometimes there isn't enough oxygen for their young to thrive.
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Clean water? Mind your pees and carbons!
First in a series: dissolved oxygen and the Atlantic sturgeon

The first in a series that examines the delicate relationship between dissolved oxygen in the Delaware River and Bay and an endangered species, the Atlantic sturgeon.
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