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Trout need clean water – so do we

The "new" Cherry Creek naturalized and interesting for trout. PHOTO BY MEG MCGURIE
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No fanfare, no half-time show: the Biology Super Bowl takes place in the Upper Delaware
BioBlitz 2018

Of course we know what lichen is, right? The sort of papery green stuff that we've seen growing on trees, etc. Well, that's only half of the story. The rest of the story is what the BioBlitz is all about: learning what you might not even suspect from folks who ...
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Hear ye! Hear ye! Time for the BioBlitz in the Upper Delaware!!
Get to the BioBlitz on June 30th

Learn all about the Upper Delaware BioBlitz with Nicole Slevin from Cornell Cooperative Extension (Sullivan County) in an interview on hydro-powered public radio: WJFF East Branch, from Hancock, looking upriver. This year's BioBlitz happens a little south of here in Starlight, Wayne County, Pa. PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE Here ...
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All you can eat buffet is for the birds on Delaware’s bay shore

The Red Knot standing at the entrance to the Dupont Nature Center at Mispillion Harbor is considerably bigger than its namesake, which is about the size of a Peppermint Patty. PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE Delaware has rolled out the welcome mat for some interesting marine and avian tourists: the horseshoe ...
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#4TheDelaware? Maybe not so much
Editorial Report

The Tri-State Monument near the Delaware River marks the spot where three of the four states that border the river meet (Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York). All three states are delinquent in the funding promised to the Delaware River Basin Commission. PHOTO by Meg McGuire Neither New York, Pennsylvania, ...
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Yes, actually, it was wet enough for me, thanks!

Before I drove up to Hancock, N.Y., on Friday, I checked the weather. I was going to be on the river and the elements are, shall we say, significant. This short float on the river on April 27 was the capstone of an Upper Delaware River Summit, hosted by the ...
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New York and Pennsylvania study trout in the Upper Delaware

Fishing, especially trout fishing, is one of the economic drivers for the upper Delaware River, and New York and Pennsylvania have launched a three-year study to find out answers for the questions about trout in the Upper Delaware -- the who, what, when, where, how and why. Anglers who fish ...
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Tom Fikslin retires from the DRBC after 29 years working on the Delaware River

Tom Fikslin is retiring from the Delaware River Basin Commission after 29 years of working on the river and the whole watershed. So the first question, naturally, would be: How clean is the river compared to when he arrived in 1989? His response, not surprisingly, is measured, as befits this ...
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Fracking ban comments from Schnecksville, Pa

We've heard from a lot of people all over the watershed, with lots of different opinions. Let's listen more closely to the people who spoke at the fifth fracking ban public hearing in Schnecksville, Pa. Here are a handful of photos of speakers with a short summary of their comments. ...
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Crisis at UDC averted

On Feb. 8, the Upper Delaware Council found out that its access to its usual funding -- $300,000 annually -- had been released. The U.S. Department of the Interior had withheld the payments that the UDC received via the National Park Service while the department reviewed all grants of $50,000 ...
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