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    Meg McGuire is a regular guest on WJFF's program "Making Waves." The show is on every Monday at 8 p.m., Meg is on every third Monday to talk about current issues on the Delaware.

From left, Susan Lee, an Americorps volunteer for the Delaware River Basin Commission, explains to Riley Martin, 6, and her brother Darren, 3 1/2, all about the tiny little critters in a couple of basins of Delaware River water while their mother, Alexis Martin, helps. PHOTO BY MEG McGUIRE

Shad are big attraction in Lambertville

THERE ARE A FEW clues as to why it’s called Shadfest in the fair-like festivities that are the highlight of this annual rite of spring in the sweet little town of Lambertville, N.J. Some folks have only the vaguest notion that it’s all about a fish: the American shad, Alosa sapidissima. There’s a tent near the bridge…

Looking at Lambertville, N.J. across the Delaware River from New Hope, Pa. PHOTO BY MEG McGUIRE

DRBC will hold independent hearings on proposed PennEast project

PIPELINES THAT CARRY gas from one state to another need approval from one or more agencies at the state or federal level. One of the most important is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, and it almost always grants permission. Some people say that’s because it’s an insider institution since its commissioners are usually drawn from the…

A crowd gathers at the Lake Wallenpaupack Environmental Learning Center in Hawley, Pa, for a meeting of the Regulated Flow Advisory Committee of the Delaware River Basin Commission. PHOTO BY MEG McGUIRE

No news is not always good news

THE FOUR STATES — and New York City — with interest in the the Delaware River have not yet come to any agreement about changes to how those waters are apportioned. New Jersey wants more water, especially during droughts. In order for it to get more, more water has to be released from the three New…

A view of the Delaware River in early spring. VIDEO BY  MEG McGUIRE

States and New York City fight to get Delaware River ‘just right’

WATER IS TRICKY. Too much, it’s a flood. Too little and there’s a drought. When it’s just right, it’s invisible. There’s a huge machinery in operation to help us not notice the Delaware River, to make it “just right” for the millions of people who rely on it for drinking water; for the many people who’ve…


New Jersey Sierra Club protests proposed PennEast pipeline

JEFF TITTEL, DIRECTOR of the New Jersey Sierra Club, remarked to about 100 people who came to show their opposition to the proposed PennEast Pipeline, “The Delaware River is Ground Zero in the battle for clean water.” They listened to Tittel’s speech at Bulls Island State Park in New Jersey, then took a 3-mile protest walk…

Pepacton Cemetery to have gravestones cleaned and repaired

Pepacton Cemetery to have gravestones cleaned and repaired

IT’S A HIGH and lonely place even on a sunny day in late February, with only the wind to keep you company. Through a break in the hills, you can see Pepacton Reservoir twinkling in the late afternoon sun. This is Pepacton Cemetery, which was established by New York City to reinter the bodies from…


No snowpack? Not to worry (yet)

At this time of year, the ground is usually covered with a dense snowpack — but not this year. Even though the slowly melting snowpack is a nice reserve of water for the late winter and spring, nobody’s worried about a lack of water, at least not yet. PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE

Khrysta Mohammed from Philadelphia and a member of the Riverkeeper Network, holds a Valentine card, one of several cards presented at the DRBC's most recent meeting in Washington Crossing, Pa. The presentation was aimed to “woo” the DRBC and win agreement to its suggestion for the DRBC to hold seven independent public hearings about PennEast Pipeline. The Valentine’s poem reads: Roses are Red, Water is Blue, Please protect our River, And the Watershed too! PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE

PennEast pipeline proposal arrives at the Delaware River Basin Commission

The PennEast Pipeline proposal has landed at the Delaware River Basin Commission, one of the many regulatory bodies whose approval is needed before the 114-mile natural-gas pipeline project can go forward.Steve Tambini, executive director of the DRBC, said the commission will examine the proposal’s effects “not just on the Delaware, but on every stream in…


Breathing life into the Delaware River

“YEARS AGO, WHEN I was 8 or 10 years old, when I went over the Ben Franklin Bridge I would smell something awful — it was the river. Of course, I blamed New Jersey. Now there are fish in that river.” That’s how David Wolanski, in one short sentence, described the immense progress that’s been…

Delaware River summer fun

Delaware River summer fun

Editor: Here’s a foretaste of summer in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area: hiking, blueberries and cool clean water! Brought to you by Scott Mariani, 9 1/2.

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