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    Meg McGuire is a regular guest on WJFF's program "Making Waves." The show is on every Monday at 8 p.m., Meg is on every third Monday to talk about current issues on the Delaware.

The members of the Delaware River Basin Commission's Regulated Flow Advisory Committee presenting the draft of new rules for managing the river's flow.

Delaware River Flow Update: Good, Bad and Confusing (updated 10/2/17)

Update 10/2/17: Here’s the link from the DRBC web site that has the slides for the presentation of the new draft water regulation rules:…/FFMP_PerformanceReport_Shallcross.… For the handful of readers who know and/or care about the new improved Flexible Flow Management Plan for the Delaware River, there’s good news and confusing news and some bad…

PennEast pipeline protestors gather on the pedestrian bridge over the Delaware River from Lumberville, Pa., to Raven Rock, N.J.

PennEast pipeline protest

On Sunday, protestors joined hands on a pedestrian bridge across the Delaware River as a sign of their efforts to stop the Penn East Pipeline Project. On Sept. 14, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers sent out a notice seeking public comment on the pipeline, a new 120-mile natural gas pipeline planned to run from…

Steven Tambini, executive director of the Delaware River basin Commission, looking toward the camera, is flanked by representatives of the four states that border the Delaware: New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Also the federal representative on the DRBC -- the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Regulations on a possible ban on fracking in the Delaware River watershed are in the works

Not a ban, just regulations about a ban. Wait, no, a possible ban. This is the way the Delaware River Basin Commission works: slowly. It’s taken nine years to get this far. More on that later, but yesterday’s vote was to ask the executive director (and the DRBC staff) to prepare draft regulations on “certain…

Looking upriver from the Delaware Water Gap. This great river is the sum of its parts — finding the right balance for those parts is the job of the 4 border states and New York City. That’s why the failure of all parties to agree to a new Flexible Flow Management Plan is such a disservice to the river and the people who rely on it. MEG McGUIRE PHOTO

The argument about who gets how much Delaware River water continues

NEW YORK CITY HAS announced that it’s going to cut the voluntary extra releases of water to the Delaware it has made over the summer and that announcement has refocused attention on the failure of the four states bordering the river, and New York City, to reach an agreement on who gets how much water from…


Upper Delaware River region watershed resiliency


Thank you for the opportunity to speak but why are we being squeezed?

Gathered by the shores of the Delaware in Washington Crossing Historic Park, Pa., protesters shout their demand: “Don’t drill the Delaware.” DELAWARE RIVERKEEPER NETWORK VIDEO THERE ARE LOTS of agencies whose actions affect the Delaware River and its watershed; the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the Office of the Delaware River Master (USGS), the…


Horseshoe crabs: sorta icky and sorta wonderful

IT WAS A DARK and stormy night. No, really! It was! Thunderstorms danced through Dover, Del., most of the afternoon on May 25. It was the new moon and the Delaware Bay was shrouded in darkness. Undeterred, out of the sea they came. Hundreds, likely thousands, of American horseshoe crabs, creeping along the edge of the…

The Delaware River looking upstream from Port Jervis, New York. MEG McGUIRE PHOTO

It’s getting close to midnight, May 31st, but no signs of getting closer on FFMP

THERE’S NO MOVEMENT that anyone can detect in the talks aimed at getting the Flexible Flow Management Program re-upped before the midnight May 31st deadline. There are two vital concerns that the FFMP addresses: the trout fishing in the upper river, and flooding. The FFMP allows for more steady releases from the New York City’s three…

The Columbia Dam used to produce hydropower. The dam is 18 feet high and 330 feet wide. MEG McGUIRE PHOTO

Man-made lakes, loved by humans, can harm the environment

The Columbia Dam used to produce hydropower. The dam is 18 feet high and 330 feet wide. MEG McGUIRE PHOTO The lake above the dam. Notice how the marsh grasses are growing into what environmentalists call an impoundment, stressing the non-natural creation of the lake. MEG McGUIRE PHOTO The busy intersections that cross at the…

The Delaware River

Political bickering could harm the fishing industry of the Upper Delaware

We might notice when the river is really low, or really high, but aside from being careful when we choose to go tubing or canoing, it doesn’t make much difference, right? Wrong! (But you already knew that!) One of the industries that’s based on the river is fishing, and the cold-water fishing in the Upper…

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