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No drought for Delaware system yet, but months of dry weather predicted

LET BROWN BE the new green. Use water wisely, it’s not a limitless resource. The drought affecting many counties in the Delaware River Basin hasn’t let up and three Delaware River Basin counties in Pennsylvania were recently added to that state’s list.  But as I noted in a previous story here, a drought in the land around the…

The Pequest River skips down to the Delaware in a series of small waterfalls. Here, in Belvidere, N.J. the Delaware River Basin Commission sampled water both from the main stem river as well as this tributary. PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE

DRBC report: ‘No measurable change’ to Delaware tributary’s water quality

ONE OF THE RECENT Delaware River Basin Commission’s scientific reports is cause for celebration among Delaware River enthusiasts, but it needs to be parsed in order to be celebrated. Essentially, the news is that the river water in a 76-mile stretch from Portland Pa./Columbia, N.J., to Trenton, N.J. did not get worse in the approximately 10-year…

Laura Bittner, from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, presents information about a new modeling tool to the Flood Advisory Committee of the Delaware River Basin Commission, meeting at the United States Geological Survey offices in Lawrenceville, N.J. on Sept.7. PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE

DRBC committee hears presentations on flood preparedness, management

FLOODS AND THEIR PREVENTION is the main focus of the Delaware River Basin Commission’s Flood Advisory Committee. At its meetings, held quarterly, a veritable brains trust gets together either in person or via conference call to share information. Members are from federal organizations such as the United States Geological Survey, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the…

Some, not all, of the people who showed up for the Clinton, N.J., FERC hearing on the PennEast pipeline only to find that they would be giving their testimony in a closed room with no audience except for FERC officials.


FERC’s bait and switch on the PennEast pipeline

AS A JOURNALIST and a citizen, I’m a big fan of public hearings. They are opportunities for regular folks to talk about an issue that concerns them and to get educated on what others are saying. Obviously, regular folks often don’t know as much about an issue as the agency holding the hearings. Sometimes, the agency…

The Delaware River just rolls along, moving south from the site of the Montague gage. PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE

A drought near the river doesn’t mean a drought on the river

DROUGHTS COME AND, luckily, mostly go. But when you’re in the middle of one, no meteorologist would dare predict its end. At the moment (and it can be a moment-to-moment thing — right now there’s a fairly vigorous thunderstorm rattling my windows and blinking my lights) three of the four Delaware River states have varying…

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FERC schedules hearings on PennEast pipeline

  SORT OF A BAD NEWS, good news week from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission —  something for everyone in the PennEast Pipeline battle. Which news is which likely depends on what side of the battle you’re on. FERC has completed its draft environmental impact statement for the controversial pipeline, and it has changed from…

Volunteers take to canoes  for annual Delaware clean-up

Volunteers take to canoes for annual Delaware clean-up

THERE ARE MONSTERS in the Delaware River … that’s what the volunteers at the 27th annual Kittatinny Canoes Clean On and Under the river told me. A headless Godzilla and Chucky, too. Of course, they were both plastic and about 8 inches tall. But still. The real monster for the Delaware River is the trash monster,…

Robert Mason, the Delaware River Master, peers up river as if to see what's happening far upstream. Failing a crystal ball and some magic, he relies on historical records and current measurements to help predict how much water there might be in the river tomorrow. The tower of the Montague gage is in the background. PHOTO BY MEG McGUIRE

USGS relies on historic gage to gauge optimum flow for Delaware

IT’S A BRIGHT AND sunny day in June, and the river is doing its thing — sometimes a little higher, today seems a little lower. Here at the beach in Milford, Pa. nothing seems out of the ordinary, except maybe the 30-foot concrete tower that stands sentinel on the river’s edge, almost hidden by trees. This…

Floating classroom makes a SPLASH on the Delaware River

Floating classroom makes a SPLASH on the Delaware River

Splish SPLASH splish SPLASH splish SPLASH. The eponymous boat says her name as she paddles in the Delaware River near Lambertville, N.J. She’s called SPLASH, as you might have guessed, an acronym for Student Participation in Learning Aquatic Science and History. It’s a steamboat and a paddleboat. Maybe she’s not as impressive as the The…


Hazardous treatment plant in Pennsylvania is opposed in New Jersey

  LISA TORDO FROM Protect Our Water & Air (POWA) put the problem in concise terms. “The water from the Delaware River is a shared resource,” she said. “So too is the air. Neither of these shared resources know township or state boundaries. They move where they want … and so will … pollution and contaminants.”…