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Marcus Hook survives and tries to thrive despite energy boom and bustBest Stories of 2018 | INN 

Driving along 10th Street towards Marcus Hook, Pa. from Delaware. The Marcus Hook Industrial Complex (formerly Sunoco Logistics) is on both sides of the road. The site was once a refinery but is now a natural gas hub with lots of extra space for other businesses. VIDEO BY MEG MCGUIRE
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Of news deserts and ghost newspapers

This is an interview recorded on Monday, Nov. 19, 2018, at WJFF, the public radio station in Sullivan County for the radio programs Making Waves. The subject is the state of journalism today. The interviewer is Barbara Gref, and the two people being interviewed are Meg McGuire, founder, and publisher of Delaware Currents, and Chris Mele, a career journalist, and Meg's husband.
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Clean Streams Panel at East Stroudsburg University
Our Pocono Waters

PennFuture's panels on the value of Pocono streams.
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The 6th Annual Delaware River Watershed Forum: A story told in tweets!!

A room full of river people here in Cape May, N.J., to share knowledge and maybe even have some fun!! PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE
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How much water, when, and how cold it should be will be examined by a revived DRBC committee

The upper river, as seen from the bridge in Lordville, N.Y. PHOTO BY MEG MCGUIRE
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Turning Passion into Stewardship
Women and Their Woods

Women and Their Woods is a retreat held every two years to give women the resouces and knowledge they need to care for their woods and share that knowledge with others.
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What happens after you flush and why it matters to the Delaware River

You're not going to believe me, but it's fascinating. There are big-city wastewater treatment facilities with a lot more bells and whistles, but seeing this system in Hancock, N.Y., gives you a pared-down version of a vital process.
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The Land and Water Conservation Fund: Bringing the puzzle pieces together (at least for a little while longer)

The welcome sign for the growing conservation effort in Cherry Valley, Monroe County, Pa., which is being helped by the Land and Water Conservation Fund.
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Trout need clean water – so do we

To most of us, they are just spidery lines on a map, and the most contact we have with them is driving over some small barely noticed bridge. But small streams named and unnamed are home to our water supply and to trout. Trout need clean water, and so do we.
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No fanfare, no half-time show: the Biology Super Bowl takes place in the Upper Delaware
BioBlitz 2018

Fun AND science AND Kids: It's what a BioBlitz is all about. Emmet Spooner is helping his mom and dad look for mussels in the West Branch of the Delaware River. PHOTO BY DAVID SOETE
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