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Time to volunteer for the
Delaware Bay Horseshoe Crab Survey

On a chilly day in April, volunteers determine what their stride is at a survey training session held at the St. Jones Reserve, south of Dover in Delaware. The Delaware National Estuarine Research Reserve hosts a crab count on three beaches. Since 1990, surveys have been conducted of horseshoe crabs spawning in Delaware Bay. Data collected by volunteers during these surveys is key for scientists in monitoring changes in numbers of spawning crabs in the Bay. Each spring during the new and full moon evening high tides in May and June, volunteers donate their time to count crabs on key beaches in Delaware and in New Jersey. There are lots of places in the Delaware Bay where volunteers are appreciated, check out the list here. MEG McGUIRE Photo

Tony Saldutti, from Bethlehem, Pa., is an avid angler and a member of the Delaware River Shad Fisherman’s Association, He wants action to help the river’s fish and asked the DRBC to “Please stop studying."


Fish in the Delaware:
canaries in the coal mine


What are the best, most reliable and lowest cost water-quality monitors in the Delaware River?


What fish are where can tell anglers and scientists quite a lot about water. Where they choose to propagate, or not, tells even more. Mature fish can deal with adverse conditions better than juvenile fish, and adverse conditions may inhibit the breeding of fish.

Certain fish, like the Atlantic sturgeon, American shad, and striped bass, could be expected in the Delaware River and bay. When their numbers are low, they are advertising problems with the water. It's easy to connect fish having problems with the water to humans having problems.

The Delaware River Basin Commission held a public hearing on April 6, 2017 to gather comments about a proposed resolution that might help the fish – and us ...


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Climate change locally will likely mean more storms, more floods and more drought. MEG McGUIRE Photo

How will climate change affect
our local water resources?


There is no plan. There is no proposal. There is no blueprint.

But the Delaware River Basin Commission is starting to look to the future and among other concerns – like population growth – at a range of effects that climate change could have on our region.

"Our job is water resources planning," said Executive Director Steve Tambini, recapping a presentation made to the DRBC's Water Management Advisory Committee on Feb. 23, 2017.

"We're obligated to look into the future, and climate is an issue," he said, treading carefully to avoid the controversy that seems to explode from some quarters when climate science is accepted, as well as to explain the difference between creating a proposal for the DRBC to consider "that's a long way off" and exploring the challenges for water resources in the future.

While Tambini's presentation focused on the global picture, Amy Shallcross, the DRBC's manager for Water Resource Operations, presented one possible way to view the local impact of climate change on the Delaware River Basin.


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